Easter Monday

Rev. Steve Boutell   -  

As I said at the beginning of my Easter message yesterday

For Christians, Easter is the day.

It is the day we look forward to all year long, with expectation, anticipation.

And while this isn’t what we looked forward to, what we expected, or anticipated.  This isn’t normal, or ordinary.

It’s still Easter!

There is no doubt that yesterday was a strange day. There are some things that we usually associate with Easter that just didn’t happen.

I know for me, this was the first Easter in my 50 years that I wasn’t a church.

I am normally pretty exhausted after leading Easter worship, but yesterday Heather and I cooked a big Easter lunch (of course it was just for the two of us here at home).

But despite all of that, I am still confident in the assertion that it’s still Easter.

Sometimes we get so many things associated with Easter – bunnies, baskets, brunches, etc – that we forget to just rest in the facts of Easter – an empty tomb – and the change it means for our life and for the world.

Imagine what it was like for the early followers of Jesus on the days after Easter.

From the stories we read in the gospels, we learn that they moved in and out of low moments of doubt and fear to high moments of joy and trust.

That may be us in these days after Easter.

When I find myself in one of those low moments may I say again – IT’S STILL EASTER!

For the Church, Easter isn’t just a day, it’s a season and a way of life.

See you tomorrow.

Pastor Steve